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Meet the Chef!

I am Chef Nemuel Bonner; the owner and founder of Chef Nem Catering/ Kitchen To Go. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, I was introduced to cooking at a very young age, as cooking runs in my family bloodline. I attended Diamond Oaks vocational school for culinary arts and continued my education at Tuskegee University earning a bachelor’s degree in food science.

A lot of people ask me what made me start cooking. My answer is simply: I didn’t choose cooking it chose me. With over 13 years in the culinary field, I take my craft very serious and love what I do.

I offer a wide variety of services rather you want to be on a beach with your friends eating crab cakes, enjoying the breeze, or in the comfort of your home with a private chef experience. I am the right chef that will give you an unforgettable experience.

With dreams of owning my own restaurant, they have come true. I am very passionate when it comes to the food that I provide, so as a chef I always take the extra step to ensure my clients are satisfied with the services provided by me and my team.

We are here to provide a honest service to our clients as we continue to provide safe and clean food handling.

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